USMC AH-1Z Super Cobra

AH-1Z Super Cobra

The AH-1Z Super Cobra is a Two Seater Helicopter Gunship used by the United States Marine Corps as well as other Variants of the AH-1 are used by the Turkish Army and the Japanese Ground Defence Force, the Z variant is the latest edition of the AH-1 and has just recently been put into Active Service by the United States, The US has deployed a number of AH-1s to Japan where they will see their first combat against the economic and military enemy; The People's Republic of China.


The Body of the AH-1 is slim, making it slightly hard for ground forces to hit it, it is also quite fast and fitted with the most sophisticated equipment in the world, it is equipped with defensive countermeasures to prevent the aircraft being shot down by Anti Air weaponry and can fly in all weather conditions without failure.


The AH-1 is equipped with 4 rocket pods holding Anti Armour missiles and Anti Air Missile, allowing the aircraft to engage other Helicopters and Tanks, it also has a .50 Cal Chaingun under the nose the fires 2000 Rounds Per Minute.

Combat OperationsEdit

The AH-1Z has been used in Japan to assist the Japanese repel the Chinese Invasion in World War III, The Japanese has used there version of the AH-1 in the Second Korean war to assist the South Koreans against North Korea.

Two AH-1Zs were used by the United States Marine Corps as Escorts for a V-22 Osprey in Brazil when Kilo 1 located the Nuclear weapon in Rio De Janiero.