Checking Out is the third mission in Warriors of World War III, The player takes the role of Seargent Mark Fisher of Kilo 1.

The mission takes place in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, The Guerilla Forces from Cuba arrived at the docks with the nuclear weapon they aquired from the wreckage of the downed B-52 bomber, Kilo 1 traced the ship to the docks and has the support of the Bolivian Army and US Naval forces, Kilo 1 finds the nuclear weapon in one of the warehouses and secures it for extraction, before Kilo 1 could leave the warehouse, a Brazilian T-90 Tank smashes through the garage doorway, once Kilo 1 destroys the T-90 Tank with an RPG-7, American Delta Team comes in from a CV-22 Osprey to extract the weapon and take it to the American Aircraft Carrier off the coast, before Kilo 1 could be evacuated, the Brazilian Armed Forces arrives at the docks to investigate some disturbances the general public reported, the CV-22 Osprey had to leave to prevent losing the weapon, therefore leaving Kilo 1 stranded in Brazil.