RAF F-35C Lightning II


The F-35 Lightning II is a Multi Role Stealth Aircraft currently being brought into service by the British Royal Air Force, only a handful of F-35s are currently bought but are not in active service at this current time until more are bought, the aircraft is not planned to be brought into full active service until 2020, however, due to the breakout of World War III, the British Ministry of Defence deployed all the F-35s they currently have into combat.


The F-35s body has small edges and a low profile shape body making the aircraft undetectible on Radar and has defensive countermeasures like flares, chaffs and can jam enemy radar, it also has the ability to take off and land vertically like the aircrafts it replaced (The BAE Harrier Jump Jet) allowing the aircraft to take off without need of a runway.


The F-35 holds all of its missiles in its Fuselage, it can carry Air to Air Missiles, Air to Ground Missiles, Hellfire Rockets and even has a .50 Cal Chaingun, it is one aircraft that 4th Generation Fighters like the MiG-29 has no chance in destroying.

Combat OperationsEdit

The F-35 is currently deployed in an defensive role, defending the United Kingdom from the Russian Armed Forces, there has not being a loss yet but as the war is gettin more intense, there is no idea how long the F-35s will stay in the air, the F-35 has been on a couple of Offensive roles, all within the UK, primarily during the invasion of Gravesend which was occupied by Russian ground forces, the F-35s were sent in first to destroy Russian Air Defences around the town to allow the EuroFighter Typhoons to destroy Russian Armour within the town.


The F-35 Lightning II is only used by the British Royal Air Force, with F-35C Variants planned to be put into the British Royal Navy.