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The Second Korean War is a military conflict between North and South Korea, South Korea is supported by the United States of America and Japan, North Korea is supported by China, the conflict began when a North Korean passenger airliner was shot down by South Korea (Suspecting it was a spy plane), North Korea retaliated by launching a wave of Artillery shells against South Korean northern cities and towns, this attacked did not go without notice, South Korea shot a few shells onto the North Korean Navy just off the coast of the DMZ borders, eventually, the United States and Japanese forces were deployed onto the Korean Peninsula, outraged, North Korea asked for support from the People's Republic of China, China responds with a massive invasion of Japan

This conflict became part of World War III when the United States invaded Shanghai.

International MediaEdit

on April 4, 2013, the first American casualty of the Second Korean was an American E-763 AWAC which was shot down by North Korean fighters at 14:37 local time, the event of the aircraft was caught by a camera crew from TRLK News.

Korean War

TRLK News show American AWAC shot down.


.This is a fictional war that starts in 2013, coincidentally on March 30, 2013, North Korea states it is entering a "State of war" against South Korea in which the United States and Japan are preparing for an invasion of the peninsula if the North attacks.