ShadowEdge Physics is a video Game Engine developed by the british game development company; L-mod United Kingdom, ShadowEdge Physics is to be used for all video games developed by L-mod United Kingdom by 2013.


The ShadowEdge Physics Engine originally was called Project GEET, a project to bring Epic Games Unreal Tournament III up to date with current video games due to L-mod personnel being fans of the Unreal Series, during development, the engineers saw what potential there project had, real time lighting and shadowing, intense graphical improvement to the Unreal Engine 3, because of the improvement in graphical features, Unreal Tournament III no longer looked like the Unreal Engine 3, although the engine was built through the Unreal Engine 3 for Unreal Tournament III, it was completely different.

One of the greatest features with the ShadowEdge Physics Engine is that it is fully compatible to Unreal Tournament III, allowing modders of the game to now create realistic mods for Unreal Tournament III, however, there is a cost to the Engine, the Engine will require more computer specifications than that given to UT3, therefore making UT3 a brand new video game.

As time progressed, Project GEET turned into L-mod GEET, a mod for Unreal Tournament III, but because of the potentiality of L-mod GEET becoming an independant Game Engine, L-mod personnel decided to adopt the engine as their own and name it as ShadowEdge Physics.

ShadowEdge Physics is currently in Beta build (as of 23/03/2012) and will soon be in video game production status around Summer of 2013, being amongst 8th generation video games consoles and next Generation computers.


The ShadowEdge Physics Engine has no definitive platform that it runs on because it is in beta build, it will remain on computers unitl December 2013 before making its way onto next gen consoles in 2014.

Sister EnginesEdit

Sister Engines are game engines that has similarities to another engine, at this time the sister engines of the ShadowEdge Physics are:

  • Unreal Engine 3.0 (De Facto) (Unreal Tournament III)
  • MW3 Engine (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3)

Video GamesEdit

There are no official video Games that are using the ShadowEdge Physics Engine except Unreal Tournament III, but there will be more in the future starting with Warriors of World War III.